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Nantong Xinfeng Chemical Co., Ltd.
Pigment red 122
Pigment red 170, F3RK\F5RK
Pigment red 177, A3B\3BL
Pigment yellow 83, HR\HR02
Pigment orange16
Pigment orange 72
Pigment purple 19, E3B
Permanent violet
Phthalocyanine blue BGS
Phthalocyanine green G

Nantong Xinfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Haimen City of Jiangsu Province, with its production base in Yancheng City. Insisting on the tenet of “quality first, credit first”, our company is specialized in the production, research and sale of middle and high-grade organic pigments. Our annual production capacity is 500 tons of red series pigment (for example pigment red 122 and pigment red 177), 600 tons of yellow series pigment (for example, pigment yellow 83) and 300 tons of other series of pigment, namely, pigment purple19, pigment orange 16 and etc. The product is widely used in plastic cement, coating, and printing ink fields.

Nantong Xinfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. makes efforts to develop the enterprise culture of “integrity, communication, innovation and mutual-benefit”. We would like to assure wide customers of professional technical service and superior products.

Expect the cooperation with you!

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